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Great Peers (M) Sdn. Bhd. represents a history of steady expansion, diversification in services, improvement in our product quality and customer service. Here are the milestones in our evolution.


  • Great Peers’ Director, Mr Tan Chee Lep and shareholders founded the company

  • Set up the company’s 1st factory compound encompassing 3000 sq. feet at Mount Austin, Johore.

  • 1st electroplating service provided was tin plating.



  • Relocation to 2 different factory compounds in Cemerlang and Pasir Gudang with a total area of 14000 sq. feet.

  • Diversification of electroplating services which include tin plating, zinc plating, phosphating, anodizing, blackening, silver plating and passivation.



  • An additional factory was set up in Batu Pahat encompassing 8000 sq. feet.

  • The plating lines in Batu Pahat specialize solely on anodizing



  • Expansion of factory compound in Batu Pahat to 20000 sq. feet.

  • Relocation of factories in Cemerlang and Pasir Gudang to a prime industrial location in Cemerlang, encompassing 15000 sq. feet.



  • Included zinc plating and anodizing services in Batu Pahat.



  • Relocation of Batu Pahat factory to a larger 40000 sq. feet compound.

  • Diversification of electroplating services which include electropolishing, gold plating, EN plating and nickel plating.



  • Received ISO 9001:2008 certification.



  • A 14000 sq. feet factory compound was added in Cemerlang.

  • Till date, a total facility area of 70000 sq. feet.

  • Current available services are: Anodizing/Chromating, Blackening, Electropolishing, EN plating, Gold plating, Manganese phosphating, Nickel plating, Passivation, Silver plating, Tin plating, Zinc phosphating, Zinc plating

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